Friday, October 1, 2010

One Minute Cake

Who says you can't make your family a warm yummy dessert every night of the week? 
I say YOU CAN!!

This is how

One Minute Cake in a Mug Recipe:

Mix the following dry ingredients and store in a container
1 box cake mix (9 x 13) - any flavor
1 box angel food complete cake mix

To make a single serve cake, mix the following in a 2 cup coffee mug or glass:
1/3 cup cake mix powder
3 Tbls water

Microwave on high for 1 minute - DONE!

Now take it a bit further by adding things to the top of the baked cake like:
Hot fudge
caramel sauce
fruit sauces - would be awesome with vanilla cake and whipped cream!
whipped cream and crushed cookies
ice cream
cut up bananas
chopped nuts

I made this for my family last night and we all loved it!  We used a German Chocolate cake mix.
We all added different things to ours once they were baked.  For mine I drizzled caramel sauce on top of the cake.  Then I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream and to top it off I drizzled more caramel on top of the ice cream.  The warmth of the cake melted the ice cream just slightly and made it so yummy!!! 
Try it - I don't think you'll be disappointed!

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