Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We miss you Kirby

It has been one month today since Kirby left us for the green lawns of Heaven.  We still miss him so much and I get instant tears in my eyes when I think of him.  He was such a good dog and friend to our family and he loved us unconditionally as we loved him.

This is Kirby with his Christmas (2009) presents

Kirby was the last dog to pass away in my circle of friends.  All of our dogs were around the same age and we knew that they would probably pass away around the same time, but it sure was a tough couple of years as each one left us.

I had a wonderful dream a few nights ago.  I was standing off in the distance watching as Kirby, Tasha, little Max, big Max, and Muffy were all standing on a big hill.  They were having so much fun together running, playing, and jumping. 

Behind them, lined up watching, were our new dogs; Spicer, King, and Duke with their tales just a wagging!

I woke up from the dream feeling at peace.  I now know that Kirby is doing just fine and that he is feeling young again and is able to run and play like he used to.

I want to share with you a necklace that I had custom made for me the week that Kirby left us.  I bought it from http://www.etsy.com/shop/charmiesonline .  She custom stamps metal and makes necklaces, coins, etc.  I love this necklace and have worn it every single day since I received it. 



  1. What a beautiful dream, Shellie! I sitll think of you and understand your continued sadness. hugs!!!

  2. Hi there.
    I happened to find your blog while doing some research on blogs that did write-ups on. I was sooo flattered to see this one. From the bottom of my heart, thank you soooo much for doing this.