Friday, October 5, 2012

Ten Little Lady Bugs

This week's theme in my Daycare is Lady Bugs.  The book for today was Ten Little Ladybugs, by Melanie Gerth and Illustrated by Laura Huliska-Berth.  This book is about 10 ladybugs that disappear one by one.  It's a great way to teach little ones how to count backwards from ten to zero.

Do you have this book in your collection?  If so, how about making Ten Little Lady Bugs to go with it?  All you need is 10 wooden spoons, red and black paint, and googly eyes.  The children loved acting out the book with the ladybugs while I read it out loud to them.

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  1. Very Creative! new blog on the history of the Ladybug go to eblogger dot com search for it.