Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jewelry studio is done!...

I am excited to say that my new jewelry studio is finally finished! Well, I should say finished as much as it can be until this Spring when I remove that ugly wallpaper and replace it with paint. Here are some photos and descriptions for you. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

This is what you see when you walk through the door and turn to the right.  Those white doors are a closet.

This is the inside of my closet.  I've used sectioned drawer organizers to hold my vintage jewelry pieces.  I will need to buy a lot more as I have so much that still needs to be sorted.  It was a bit dark in there so I added a light.  I also put a 3 shelf book case in there for added storage.

This is just a closeup of the organizers that I am using.  You can find them at hardware stores or big chain stores.

Here is my desk.  I made it by taking stackable drawers and setting a piece of frosted glass on top of them.  I love it!  I can keep all of my jewelry making tools and findings in the drawers and the glass makes it seem more airy - and it's a great surface to clean up messes like glues, inks, etc.

Closeup of my desk.  Do you see the small book that I have sitting on an easle on the window sill?  I made this book and it's called "Things I Like".  It's dedicated to me and has photos of things that I like.  Like my feet in flip flops, my toenails painted a fun funky color, my laptop, my mug full of coffee, etc.  It's a nice reminder of the little things in life that make me happy.

This photo shows some of my toys that I had played with as a child.  My baby Chrissy and Baby Beans is sitting on my rocking chair.  My husband found me my Barbie Country Camper this year at an auction - box and all!  Also in this photo is a neat little curio cabinet that has a light on the top and one inside.  They can be lit one at a time or both at the same time.  The lampshade was a fun little treasure that I found a few years ago.

I love vintage and antiques and it shows in my studio.  Here is an antique dresser that I use to store all kinds of stuff.  Dressers, dry sinks, and secretary desks are really nice for extra storage!

This is the last photo that I have to share.  This dresser is a family heirloom.  It was rescued from an old shed.  Nothing was done to it other than a good cleaning.  You can see the original wood and some green paint underneath the white - it's so shabby chic!

This room makes me feel so happy when I walk into it.  I love the way that I was able to decorate it with my vintage toys and really fits the design. of my jewelry and my motto of "what once was old is new again".

Thanks for taking a tour of my new jewelry studio - I hope you enjoyed it.  

My next blog post will be photos and descriptions of my craft room that adjoins my jewelry studio.  :)Michelle


  1. you did a good job, but yes, that wallpaper has to go, lol Nice to have that extra room for your crafts and etc.

  2. GOSH! SO organized! I'm completely jealous :) YOU did an amazing job AND I love how you included your favorite things from days gone by! Everything should give you incredible inspiration from design to design! YOU ROCKED IT!! Emily/ExquisiteStudios

  3. It looks so fun Shellie! I was admiring the dress from. Beautiful stuff - all of it.

  4. What an inspiring room! I love your desk and book - what a fun place to create and be you!!! I know you'll enjoy it - what color do you want to paint it?


  5. I love getting a peek into people's studios. Thanks for the tour!

  6. It's awesome Shellie... I love the book idea. I tried to click on "follow" but I ALWAYS have trouble with google sign ins... :(( As for the wallpaper.. yes, you need to treat yourself to some pastel shabby chic vintage pattern of some sort. :))

    Sandi (from FB)

  7. Isn't it great to have all that space just for you - and you are surrounded by things that inspire you. What would you call it - a "man cave" for women?

    jansart (artfire)

  8. Great job Shellie! How nice to have a nice organized clean place to craft.

  9. Absolutely fantastic! I love the openness to it - so inviting. My craft room is so cluttered that I don't have room to sit or walk! I just close the door. Having things organized and open like this help to be creative. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love it... I am just moving into my crafting room... now that all the kids move out we have two empty ( haha ) rooms.. one is the office now.. hubby has half and I have half... I also get the whole closet.. which is fun and frustrating trying to figure out how to get it like I want it. I am also using the other room as a spare room and thinking about the day I have grandkids.. so storing some of the crafting stuff in there.. lol stuff I might be willing to share. I LOVE your Chrissy doll.. I had one when I was growing up.. only doll I ever had.. loved her so much.. most my toys were more boyish since I spent most my time outside.